Chinese New Year Shipping Plans

Due to Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year), some products will have shipping delays. Here are important dates:
  • January 14th: 4% of all China products may start to experience a pause on shipping. 
  • January 19th: Another 8% of all China products will pause shipping.
  • January 23rd: Another 10% of all China products will pause shipping.
  • January 26th: Remaining China products will pause shipping.
  • January 31st - February 7th: No processing or shipping on China orders.
  • February 8th - February 12th: China orders will resume processing and shipping, but may experience some delay due to order backlog.
  • February 13th: China orders will successively resume their normal processing and shipping time.

If you wish to stock up on inventory during the Chinese New Year holiday, we've created a convenient Stock-Up Recommendation Collection made up of best-sellers for you to order and stock up ahead of time!


~ A.A.

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